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Road cars followed in The car features a front-to-rear overhaul, with few of the original Aston design tropes left intact. The Virage Zagato Shooting Brake takes that remodelling to a whole other level, with the addition of an extended roof and hatchback. It looks virtually identical to the Virage and DB9 from the front and back, but is distinguished by its bespoke chrome-stripped coupe design and double-bubble roof.

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The latest Zagato is one of the coolest. The Vanquish S underneath represents the last free-breathing Aston Martin V12, so these cars had to be special. While featuring the signature Zagato touches, they also came with a gorgeous bespoke cabin. This is top of our Zagato wishlist. Although the other Vanquish Zagatos are very special in their own right, the Speedster is arguably the most special. Just 28 of these cars were mooted for production, compared to 99 of the others. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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We are growing fast, developing the Motoring Research Network of freelancers around our highly experienced in-house team. The business was soon on a sound footing, with a competitive range of sports cars and an increasing reputation for engineering and design. Aston Martin won great acclaim at Le Mans, when the 1. Road car production numbers continued to increase throughout the s with cars being built in , the highest pre-war figure. With verve and energy the business expanded, with the next few years seeing the purchase of the Lagonda marque and the relocation of production to Hanworth Park, Feltham, Middlesex.

Frequently acclaimed as the most beautiful car in the world, the Aston Martin DB5 entered production in In the same year the Aston Martin V8 entered production. In , just three years after its last take-over, the company entered receivership and was rescued by a consortium lead by Peter Sprague, George Minden and later Alan Curtis.

The s saw Aston Martin change ownership again, with Victor Gauntlett and Pace Petroleum buying the business in In Walter Hayes was appointed Chairman and work began on a new model. The same year saw Ford Motor Company increase their holding to take full control of the business.

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Ulrich Bez was appointed. In the same year production of the 5. Aston Martin's new global headquarters in Gaydon, Warwickshire opened in - the first purpose built facility in the company's history. With fresh impetus the same year saw the unveiling of the AMV8 Vantage concept car at the Detroit Motor Show, a model which has developed into the iconic Vantage range. Alongside these product developments came further expansion as also saw the Aston Martin Engine plant in Cologne begin production of all V8 and V12 engines.

In the same year the DB9 Volante and V8 Vantage were confirmed for production, and the following year saw Aston Martin reach the milestone of 30, production cars. A new chapter in the company's illustrious history was written in March , as Aston Martin was sold to a consortium of two major international investment houses, Investment Dar and Adeem Investment. The consortium was led by Chairman David Richards and Dr Ulrich Bez continued to lead the management team into this new era of independent ownership as Chief Executive.

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Further developments included the unveiling of the Rapide at the Frankfurt Motor Show and an announcement of the intention to revive the Lagonda brand. On top of these dramatic engineering and product developments also saw Aston Martin unveil the ultimate Aston Martin, the One, the most powerful naturally aspirated car in the world. Overwhelming customer response saw the car confirmed for production with customer deliveries beginning in June saw the unveiling of the New Vanquish, an iconic name, fitting for a new flagship.

This Ultimate Grand Tourer combines world-leading design, industry leading technology and advanced engineering to create a car that is quite simply the best Aston Martin in history. A global set of celebratory events was planned to celebrate with the owners, supporters and partners of Aston Martin, including a special Centenary week in July where the largest gathering of Aston Martins in history took place in central London. This was the first time a car has ever been placed onto the helipad, which sits 1,ft above the ground at the top of the sail-shaped building.

A unique year produced a unique and visionary car.

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Taking just 3. The undoubted highlight of our centenary celebrations brought tens of thousands of eager owners and enthusiasts to Kensington Gardens, to witness the largest gathering of iconic British sports cars in history.

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As many as Aston Martin models were displayed in the Park, meaning the event also represented the largest single gathering of Aston Martins ever assembled. Created using many of the same techniques as applied in the development of Aston Martin production sports cars, DP provides an exceptional level of detail, with many of the design cues potentially feeding through into future Aston Martins.

With an unrivalled history and heritage, Aston Martin strides forward into a second century with new investment and the strongest model line-up ever created. Aston Martin enters an exciting period of technology and production development with the arrival of Dr.

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