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Citizens should contact the appropriate City department to make their complaints. Incident reports can be obtained Monday - Friday between the hours of 8 a. A request form must be filled out and signed. Records Request Form.

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Who can go on a police ride-along? The Pueblo Police Department allows citizen ride-a-longs at a rate of 1 per year. To do so, one must make arrangements by stopping by our lobby and filling out a Ride-A-Long request form. Riders are subject to a background check prior to riding. Can I follow the Pueblo Police Department using social media? Be sure to follow us for updates, crime bulletins, community events and important city notifications by signing up to receive notifications. Add the email address that you would like notifications to be sent to, then scroll down and select Police under news flash, blogs and calendar events to receive notifications.

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Take the time to explain to your children when to dial and when not to. Let them know that calling for fun is not allowed. Also make sure that they know their address and phone number. Even though this information is provided on every call, the telecommunicators will still confirm that the information provided is correct to make sure that emergency crews are able to find you.

Do not call for non-emergency situations, such as inconveniences power outages, phone numbers, or directions. These calls tie up the telecommunicators and could delay them from helping someone with a true emergency. Can I text during an emergency? Not yet. However, in a bid to bring the life-saving emergency service into the 21st century, the Federal Communications Commission FCC is looking at letting citizens report crimes through text messages and even stream video from their mobile phones to emergency centers.

Currently, systems in Colorado are not yet designed to handle text messages, multimedia messages, or streaming video, all of which could be very helpful to first responders. When network technology and Colorado legislation allows, the Pueblo Communications Center will be able to receive calls via text message. The Pueblo Police Department has a volunteer program.

Candidates must fill out an application and pass a background check prior to volunteering. For more information please contact the Community Services Division at After the 5th false alarm from any alarm site within any calendar year, the Police Department shall have the discretion to suspend police response.

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Who do I call about my alarm going off? If you are trying to cancel a response to your alarm or have questions concerning its activation, you must call your alarm company. Because the Police Department cannot verify who you are, we cannot cancel a response to your property without authorization from your alarm vendor.

For any questions concerning the City of Pueblo alarm code, including applicable charges, please contact the Alarm Administrator at If you have a record of the serial number on the item or if you have applied you own number, include that in the report. Items lost or stolen that are reported with their serial numbers stand a far better chance of being returned to their owners. An owner has 90 days to claim their property. If you have lost some property and would like to see if it has been turned in, you may contact us by phone.

Locate the property address by entering one or more of the following items:

When can I claim my property that was taken for safekeeping? If you need more time, call or write to request an extension at: S. Main St.

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Pueblo, CO Ph: Unclaimed items will be disposed of or possibly go to a charitable organization. The Police Department lobby doors open at am and close at pm Monday-Friday only. The Records Section is open from am through pm, Monday through Friday. Fingerprinting is available from am through pm, Monday through Friday, and by appointment.

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How do I pay a municipal citation? Parking tickets must be paid or scheduled for trial within 10 days of issuance of the ticket or a late fee will be assessed. We accept cash, checks, money orders, travelers checks, Visa, or MasterCard. Make sure to include your ticket or license plate number on the check or money order for proper payment application. Please do not enclose cash as the Municipal Court is not responsible for lost funds or payment. How can I get a restraining order? Restraining orders can only be obtained through the Pueblo County Judicial Building.

Their window is located on the 1st floor. There they will be able to help you get the paperwork you need. However, please note that they will not be able to help you fill the paperwork out. For more information you can call Traffic Accident reports can be obtained at no cost online by going to our Police to Citizens P2C website.

Click on "Get a Crash Report", then fill in all the information and click submit. You can then print out the report. You can also come into the department between the hours of a. Monday - Friday.

A fee will be associated with a walk-in request. You need to contact the Impound Vehicle Department at If your vehicle was towed for evidentiary reasons, your vehicle may or may not be releasable until the District Attorney's Office releases the hold. If your vehicle is releasable, you will have to show proof of ownership for that vehicle. The impound officer will require a copy of the title, current vehicle registration, valid insurance card, driver's license and paid tow receipt showing the tow bill has been paid.

If the vehicle in impound is not in operable condition, the City of Pueblo will not allow the vehicle owner to perform any mechanical procedures due to civil liability, the vehicle will have to be towed out by a licensed tow company. Reports that show a considerable amount of information will be posted for all bids that have been awarded on the Pending and Awarded Projects page. The information is updated on a regular basis.

If the information regarding a project award is not available, please send an email to the Purchasing Department. Wastewater contains high concentrations of organic matter and inorganic matter, as well as microorganisms that can transmit human diseases. The most demanding aspect of wastewater treatment is extracting dissolved organic material from water. This is done using living bacteria. Wastewater treatment entails growing different types of bacteria in large tanks, allowing the bacteria to grow by taking up various materials from the wastewater, and then removing the bacteria prior to releasing the reclaimed water.

Growing the different types of bacteria requires controlling the amount of oxygen available in different stages of the process and recycling living bacteria to maintain the process. The treated water that is ready for discharge must be disinfected to kill any remaining microorganisms that might cause human disease. This is presently done using ultraviolet disinfection. Those bacteria that are removed from the treatment process, as well as solid materials in wastewater, must be further treated by a process called anaerobic digestion to reduce the mass of the final residue, which is disposed of by landfilling.

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