How to find area codes and phone numbers

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They were also trying to design a system that would be, as much as possible, future-proof. There were, given the possible permutations of the rotary dial, potential area codes. At first, only 86 of these were assigned. The engineers, in outfitting their new network, had given it room to grow. Bell, true to form—and recognizing the semi-audacity of its new numbering scheme—rolled them out in a way that will feel familiar to any current user of Facebook or Twitter: through beta testing.

From there, it proceeded cautiously, and strategically. Once the company had chosen Englewood as its test city, it began a long public-education campaign in the area, explaining—through newspaper articles and pamphlets and movie shorts—how to use the new dialing system. Be sure to enter the Area Code for distant points in the address book with the telephone number. On November 10, , the official rollout of area codes took place. With guests watching, Englewood Mayor M. Leslie Denning dialed a number: LA Bell engineers called the cross-continental and intramayoral conversation a "historic first in communications.

Area codes

As the network grew, it also became more complex. Splits and overlays of area codes, especially as the population of phone users grew in the s and s, became common. Lapsley points out that, when codes split—as did in , leading to —there can be resentment and even anger associated with the division.

It is one means of alienation. We are losing our sense of place. And those lucky few who get to keep their sense of place get to gloat about it.

US area codes are no longer area codes – but they can still be used for scamming

Pitbull brags about being not just "Mr. Worldwide," but also " Mr. So who has control over the numbering system today? That honor belongs, officially, to a person team working out of an office in Sterling, Virginia: the current administrators of the North American Numbering Plan. For a brief period in the s, it was Lockheed Martin that oversaw that administration; after Lockheed got involved with telecom concerns, however, the FCC decided that it needed a neutral and non-governmental body to administer the nation's numbers.

Lockheed's numbering division divested itself and became Neustar , which remains under contract with the FCC. He spends a lot of time thinking about phones and phone numbers. He also spends a lot of time thinking about the future of telephony—which includes, of course, the Internet. There are, for one thing, security concerns to think about—ensuring that numbers dialed over VOIP, for example, get properly routed to their intended destinations. There are also resource concerns: As individuals, we're getting, what with Skype and Google Voice and their many equivalents, more and more phone numbers.

And the digit numbering system currently in use throughout the U. NANPA, he points out, takes pains to make transitions like area code splits and overlays as seamless as possible for those affected by them. At the same time, he recognizes that the Internet has changed how we communicate—with our voices and with so much else.

So while the priority, he says, "is to keep the digit numbering plan for as long as possible," it remains a question how long, exactly, that will remain possible.

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The codes that have become so familiar to us—so meaningful to us—may change. Not completely, but a little bit. The history of commercial telephony, Manning points out—from those public switchboards to VOIP—has been "a continuum.

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We want to hear what you think about this article. Submit a letter to the editor or write to letters theatlantic. Megan Garber is a staff writer at The Atlantic , where she covers culture. What can individuals do to prepare, if the CPUC decides to implement an area code split? What can individuals do to prepare, if the CPUC decides to implement an area code overlay? What can businesses do to prepare, if the CPUC decides to implement an area code overlay?

Unassigned area codes

Who is responsible for costs incurred to update customer phone equipment, advertising materials, etc. Will calls between a telephone number with the new area code and a telephone number with the old area code be considered a long distance call? Calls that were local before the area code change will remain local calls. The distance, time of day, and length of a call determine the price of a call. There may be special operator-assisted rates or credit card rates for this type of a call.

It depends on your telecommunications service provider. Check with your service provider for additional information. The links on the previous page indicate which area codes are scheduled for or recently had an area code change. Area where additional codes might be added in the coming years are listed in the Area Code Exhaust Forecast.

View this information in a pdf.

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Why would another area code be necessary where I live or work? What happens if another area code is needed where I live? What is an area code split? What is an area code overlay? Will I be affected by an area code change? This form of area code assignment is referred to as a technology-specific overlay. What will the new area code be? Who will get the new area code in a change?

How will customer directory listings be impacted? When will telephone numbers with the new area code be available? Will the way I dial my calls i. No, if an area code split is implemented. Will there be a change in how I dial emergency calls to ?

When traveling to New Zealand , it's important to know how to navigate their telephone system. Identifying and using the various area codes of this country will make it easy to schedule pertinent trip plans like restaurant reservations and securing tickets to tourist attractions and government buildings. New Zealand has four types of area codes that are dictated both by the device you are calling and the telephone service you are using. Landline call warrants a two-digit area code. Mobile phones require three. And toll-free and paid phone service numbers each have their own dedicated prefixes.

It's important to note, however, that all telephone area codes in New Zealand start with the number "0," regardless of the type of phone or service used.

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And, the specific numbers used in area codes for landlines and mobile phones depend on the region you're calling. If you are making New Zealand trip plans from the U.

how to find area codes and phone numbers How to find area codes and phone numbers
how to find area codes and phone numbers How to find area codes and phone numbers
how to find area codes and phone numbers How to find area codes and phone numbers
how to find area codes and phone numbers How to find area codes and phone numbers
how to find area codes and phone numbers How to find area codes and phone numbers
how to find area codes and phone numbers How to find area codes and phone numbers

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