Pardon a criminal conviction in pennsylvania

What Are the Benefits of a Pardon?

By allowing more cases to be heard through the pardons process, we are treating people like individual human beings. This is your chance to save yourself from a small record. Focused on Pennsylvania's public policies, politics and statewide issues Search for: search. October 3, AM. Bio Recent Stories. Matt Miller covers Dauphin County court, state courts and federal court. Reach me at mmiller pennlive. Tags marijuana pardon Tom Wolf. Certain job categories are exempted by statute elsewhere in code, like health care.

Employers are required to notify applicants in writing if the decision to deny employment is based in whole or in part on criminal history. The courts have tended to interpret the direct relationship requirement in favor of employers. See Reynolds v. Murphy Ford, Inc. Section has been held to permit adverse action based on the fact of arrest alone. See Cisco v. United Parcel Servs. See also Mallette v. Associates, Inc. In a suit for wrongful discharge, sovereign immunity has been held a defense to a suit against a public employer. See McNichols v. Stroudsburg Univ.

Pennsylvania has one of the broadest laws in the country disqualifying people with any sort of criminal record from working with the elderly, mentally ill, or retarded, whether in nursing homes or personal care facilities. Although the scope of this law is unclear, the statute specifically identifies social service workers, hospital personnel, mental health professionals, clergy, counselors, librarians, and doctors. Penalties for violations of these laws involve both fines for the health care facility and potentially prison for facility administrators and owners. This law was limited by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in Nixon v.

The lifetime ban on employment of people with aggravated assault convictions in the Child Protective Services Law was held unconstitutional in See Warren Cnty. Human Servs. In a unanimous appellate decision from the Commonwealth Court struck down the lifetime ban for all crimes, finding that it violated due process rights under the state constitution.

Peake v. Commonwealth , No. State law also prohibits people with certain convictions from working in child care, long-term and elder care, police forces, and schools. A study by Community Legal Services of Philadelphia found over 40 professions in Pennsylvania in which an occupational license may be denied because of a criminal record, from accountant to veterinarian. Effective July 1, , a new commonwealth hiring policy will generally prohibit inquiries into criminal history on applications for commonwealth employment and limit consideration of criminal history in the hiring process.

The policy was was announced by Governor Tom Wolf in May of Regarding specific non-discrimination provisions, the policy provides as follows:. In making hiring decisions, the hiring entity shall consider the public interest of ensuring access to employment for individuals with criminal records. This HR Policy shall not affect positions in which a criminal conviction makes an applicant ineligible under law.

This HR Policy also shall not apply to employment positions responsible for the safeguarding or security of people or property, law enforcement, or those involving contact with vulnerable populations. All departments, agencies, boards, commissions, and councils shall utilize the online job application system as required by ITPBUS No department, agency, board, commission, or council shall utilize its own job application form or questionnaire, unless such form or questionnaire is approved by the Secretary of the Office of Administration.

The court shall grant such relief if it determines that any of the following apply:. Civil rights B. Firearms II.

How Do You Get a Governor’s Pardon in Pennsylvania?

Discretionary restoration mechanisms A. Judicial sealing or expungement 1. Low-grade misdemeanors and ungraded offenses b. Juvenile records d. Effect of expungement e. Constitutional right to expungement of non-conviction records f.

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Partial sealing, partial expungement 3. Restoration of firearms rights III.

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  4. Nondiscrimination in licensing and employment A. Licensing B. Applications received Granted merit review Granted public hearing Recommended favorably Granted by Governor Denied by Governor 0 0 0 0 78 0 38 83 81 3 14 13 96 74 0 0 2 0 11 99 13 12 15 13 3 6 87 69 Applications received. Granted merit review. Granted public hearing.

    Recommended favorably. Granted by Governor. Denied by Governor. Their felony conviction must still be reported in any situation inquiring about prior criminal history. A pardon may be a federal or a state pardon depending on whether it is a federal or state offense. For a federal pardon, a petition will go to the President of the United States.

    For a state crime in Pennsylvania, the application will go to the State Board of Pardons for approval. The first is for minor felonies, for which the required waiting period is at least five years. For major crimes, the time is at least ten years. The first step is for felons to order their complete criminal record from the Pennsylvania State Police, which can take up to six months.

    Pennsylvania Pardons Attorney

    Then, it can take two to three months to gather all the necessary documentation, such as criminal complaints, affidavits, sentencing sheets, driving record, etc. Complete information about all crimes for which felons are seeking a pardon must be listed with date of the crime, date of arrest, date of sentencing, and the sentence must be included. In it, felons must state the reason for seeking a pardon, and how the pardon will help them accomplish that. They may need documentation, such as a letter from appropriate government or licensing authorities. They must have a clean criminal record after the time of the initial conviction.

    Their personal background is extremely important. The nature, seriousness, and length of time since their conviction along with their overall criminal record will be considered. Any hardship they may be suffering as a result of their conviction is also important. Involvement in community service or charitable activities will make a difference. Felons must list any bankruptcies, tax or other financial obligations.

    Penn Law - Pennsylvania Pardon Process

    They must include any civil lawsuit of which they are a part. Additionally, they must include every violation, including traffic offenses, which resulted in an arrest or conviction.

    Before submitting any such application, it will be important to consult with an attorney for legal advice and assistance with the pardon application process. Even though felons may be pardoned, the original offense can still be used against them if they commit another crime, and they will still be considered a repeat offender.

    pardon a criminal conviction in pennsylvania Pardon a criminal conviction in pennsylvania
    pardon a criminal conviction in pennsylvania Pardon a criminal conviction in pennsylvania
    pardon a criminal conviction in pennsylvania Pardon a criminal conviction in pennsylvania
    pardon a criminal conviction in pennsylvania Pardon a criminal conviction in pennsylvania
    pardon a criminal conviction in pennsylvania Pardon a criminal conviction in pennsylvania

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