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The Age Calculator can determine the age or interval between two dates.

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The calculated age will be displayed in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds. Related Date Calculator Time Calculator. The age of a person can be counted differently in different cultures. This calculator is based on the most common age system.

Age calculator

In this system, age grows at the birthday. This classic question is deserving of a Noda Time solution. Passing in the clock as an IClock , instead of using SystemClock. Instance , would improve testability. The target time zone will likely change, so you'd want a DateTimeZone parameter as well. See also my blog post on this subject: Handling Birthdays, and Other Anniversaries. We now integrate with Microsoft Teams, helping you to connect your internal knowledge base with your chat.

Learn more. How do I calculate someone's age in C? Ask Question. Asked 11 years, 3 months ago. Active 4 months ago. Viewed k times. For determining the user's current timezone, you can use GeoLocating. Why not consider [Julian Date][1]? If we're taking into consideration Yaur 's suggestion of cross-timezone calculations, should Day Light Saving Time affect the calculation in any manner? Note that for someone less than one year old, their age is given in days, weeks, or months. The transition time for the units may be domain-specific.

An easy to understand and simple solution. Year - birthdate. AddYears -age age--; However, this assumes you are looking for the western idea of age and not using East Asian reckoning. Just wanted to comment on DateTime.

Now performance. If you don't need an accurate time zone value, use DateTime. UtcNow it's much faster. Given we're talking birthdays you can just use DateTime. Today given the time part has no relevance. This answer does not work with all locales and all ages. Several countries have skipped dates after the birth of current living people, including Russia , Greece and Turkey Actually, it's still not entirely correct. This code presumes that 'bday' is the date-portion of a DateTime.

It's an edge-case I guess most people will just be passing dates and not date-times , but if you pass in a birthday as a date-and-time where the time is greater than then you'll run into the bug Danvil pointed out. Date fixes this. The last line made me think too much. Instead how about: if bday. This is a strange way to do it, but if you format the date to yyyymmdd and subtract the date of birth from the current date then drop the last 4 digits you've got the age : I don't know C , but I believe this will work in any language.

Parse DateTime. Parse dateOfBirth. For what it's worth, the current year times is nowhere near an integer overflow, by two orders of magnitude. Drop the last 4 digits and you have an implied 0 for the age. How did you get 1? I know this is an old answer but I wouldn't make an extension method out of it, it's not the right place to define such logics.

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Show string. Subtract birthDate. Year - birthDate. Year; if now. Month now. While this code works, it asserts that a person born on a leap day attains the next year of age on March 1st on non-leap years, rather than on February 28th. In reality, either option may be correct. Wikipedia has something to say about this. So while your code is not "wrong", neither is the accepted solution. MattJohnson I think that's actually correct. If my bday was Feb 29, then Feb 28 my bday hasn't passed, and I should still be the same age as on Feb On March 1, however, we have passed my bday and I should be the next age.

That means that someone born on Feb 29 cannot buy alcohol on Feb 28 in the year they turn 21 most places , and lends support to the idea that they are not a year older until March 1. When a person born on 29 Feb "ages" is largely unimportant unless the age forms a 'legal age boundary' e. Can buy alcohol, vote, get pension, join army, get driving license. Consider US drinking age 21 years : For most people that's days. It's days if born before 29 Feb in leap year or from 1 Mar before leap year.

If born on 29 Feb: 28 Feb is days and 1 Mar is days. The choice is arbitrary it can go either way. CraigYoung You don't understand what I meant by philosophically. I used that term as a contrast to legally. If, however, we're talking about how that should be treated, then that is by definition, philosophy. And yes, the opinion I gave is my own opinion, but as I said, I think it would be easier to argue for March 1 than it would be for Feb From the wikipedia article that you provided: "In China and Japan it is used for traditional fortune-telling or religion, and it is disappearing in daily life between peoples in the city.

Jun 25 '10 at Actually this concept can be pretty important - people don't like being told their personal information incorrectly. As an example, half of my family lives in Malaysia and half in the UK. Right now my age is considered two years higher when I'm with one side of my family than with the other.

Not only us this system used primarily in Korea, but as a tourist discussing ages with locals, locals will politely refer to yourself an each other by their birth year.

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I'm not 25, I'm I like this approach better. In Vietnam, in daily life even when Western system is used, age is calculated merely by subtracting the years. DateTime object today. DateTime object on a later date. ToInt32 laterDate. AddDays i. AddDays j.

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Age laterDate. A comment regarding having the 29th Feb birthday on 1st March, technically, having it on the 28th is too early 1 day early in fact.


On the 1st is one day too late. But since the birthday is between, using the 1st to calculate the age in non-leap years makes more sense to me, since that person is indeed that old on March 1st and 2nd and 3rd every year, but not on Feb 28th. From a software design point, writing this as an extension method doesn't make much sense to me.

Age other? Now - bday. I spot tested up to age Where does I don't think this will work in general. I don't think Harry Patch would have appreciated your spot-testing methodology: latimes. The average length of a year in the Gregorian Calendar is In my testing this fails on the persons birthday, it reports them younger than they are. Year; if n. Month n. Approach 2: Using datetime module Python provides datetime module to deal with all datetime related issues in python. Using datetime we can find the age by subtracting birth year from current year. Along with this, we need to focus on the birth month and birthday.

For this, we check if current month and date are less than birth month and date.

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  4. If yes subtract 1 from age, otherwise 0.

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