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In our absence, here are 12 recent stories about creative projects tackling the crisis. A far cry from simply ticking boxes, many are seizing the creative opportunities that working with print sustainably affords, seeing it as a breeding ground for new and exciting ways of working.

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Feeding all those mouths is a problem that will need the help of designers. From a glimpse into the Taiwanese drag scene to a profile on Eric Hu, the publication explores contemporary Asian culture.

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Here, he chats to us about being a digitally-native designer and how he uses machine learning, generative art and algorithms regularly within his projects. One year on, she continues to challenge our preconceived notions of book design both conceptually and technically. She came out the shower, Lane had his camera at the ready, they posed for some shots and that was that. There was no real inspiration, I was just trying to take a sexy picture. They don't want me chilling on the couch with my phoenix! Rarely does a white square look this good.

Wolfgang Tillmans shot the photo of Ocean.

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It was originally intended for a cover of Fantastic Man magazine, but Ocean wrote to the publication barring them from using any images. He seemed so well-considered and sharp, yet open to what would happen on the day. Donwood likes to work next to the studio Radiohead record in, allowing his paintings to match with whichever sea change the Oxford group are exploring at the time. This scatterbrained piece mirrored the mood of Thom Yorke and co. Bush, consumer culture and post-Y2K anxiety. The artwork were maps of cities that had some relationship with the war against terror.

Everyone knew: this is different. If you think of Young Thug, you automatically get this perception of a different sense of style. He knew it would be crazy. This is it. This is what we needed from the beginning. Melting ice cream provided a melancholic twist. I was sitting in the front row of the theater because the movie was all sold out, and the whole theater was red, and I just took my camera out and took a photo of it.

For some reason they had these red lights on the screen waiting for the film to start.

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When I came home and developed it, I just loved the way it looked. I want to be inclusive. If you like comic books and technology, then maybe you like Grimes. They shot photos at a local studio, and he turned his favourite into a painting. Jamie Hewlett, the resident artist who formed Gorillaz with Damon Albarn. Look at them, on television, all sat on the couch with nothing to say.

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  7. The mural was defaced in by a resident who thought it was attracting too much graffiti to the area. The resident, DJ Lee Mayjahs, immediately regretted their decision. I became what I despise… I realized that having that work painted was the culmination of a dream for you.

    And I just destroyed that dream, I am so sorry. I thought they were kids from the neighborhood and I wanted to leave them up and make them part of the design.

    I painted the lower half of the wall as fast and as fun as I could, with the same joy as I painted graffiti when I was 17 and free as I will ever be. They say St. As you do.

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    I was brought up by hippies so, being a punk, this was the ultimate taboo. I suppose the unifying theme is the absurdity of human life on earth. I just drew the type of album cover I would want if I made an album, which I never will. They say M. And it's hard in terms of what it stands for. John Ross photographed the iconic last supper scene, and Mark Farrow handled art direction.

    John Ross, the photographer, had lit the images beautifully — it just brought that image to mind, so we decided to shoot it a couple of days later.

    Art vinyl s best record cover
    Art vinyl s best record cover
    Art vinyl s best record cover
    Art vinyl s best record cover
    Art vinyl s best record cover
    Art vinyl s best record cover
    Art vinyl s best record cover
    Art vinyl s best record cover
    Art vinyl s best record cover

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