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Obtaining documents can be an essential determining factor for eligibility to make a claim for Italian citizenship by descent and is the absolute first step necessary before proceeding any further. Italian Citizenship Assistance offers this service to evaluate what documents may be necessary and if it is indeed possible to move forward through the citizenship process.

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This service is included within our obligation-free assessment that we offer. Our intention in this article is to go over the process of requesting vital records from Italy pertaining to your Italian ancestors. In accordance with Italian law, all the vital records of all major life events, births, marriages, divorces and deaths are recorded and kept by the Italian registrar of vital statistics Uffico dello Stato Civile.

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The original documents remain in the comune municipality where this life event took place. One of the main reasons for doing genealogical research prior to document retrieval is that it can be necessary to determine where the request needs to be made since there is not a central national record-keeping system in Italy. Each province and municipality keep their own records.

Which office needs to be contacted may be determined by the type of record kept.

Records are only kept at the location or in the vicinity of where these life events occurred. Knowing as much information about your Italian ascendant prior to the request of documents will also make document procurement much easier especially when requesting older documents. Italian comuni municipalities usually do not conduct any genealogical or record research themselves.


It is optimal to be able to provide a reference to the comune of the exact date that such events occurred. However, in lieu of a birth date, some smaller Italian municipalities may accept a birth month or year when making a request for a document. All requests for documents must be written in Italian due to the fact that Italian is the only official language of the country.

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Mail your request and international reply coupons. If you were born in a large city, you should address your envelope:. Ministero dell'Interno Piazza del Viminale n.

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Hours: Monday to Thursday from 8. Directory of Italian Municipalities. Useful Contacts and Resources. An essential condition for the release is that the person was born in the town in which you require the certificate. The birth certificate may be required by those who have a valid form of ID and know the personal details of the person residing in the municipality in which you are requesting the certificate. You will be required to pay for the certification fees of approximately 0.

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The rate is set by the municipality in which the request is made. A fee is charged for the issuance of the certificate. In addition, Italian municipalities also require international reply coupons to pay for postage when mailing vital records to the United States.

Images for Certificato di Nascita Italy. Whether you need a birth certificate for legal reasons such as an application for for dual citizenship or you are gathering documentation for a family tree project, you can obtain a birth certificate certificato di nascita from Italy through the office of the Registrar of Vital Statistics in the appropriate birth province or municipality.

Obtaining a birth certificate from Italy is done through the Registrar of Vital Statistics in the city or town where the birth took place.

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Italy does not have a central office for the recording of births. All requests for birth certificates should be translated into Italian, as if they are not there will be a long delay before you are able to receive your certificate. In addition, be sure to state in your request that you need an "apostille" or consular legalization for your certificate if you wish to use it for identification purposes.

As for marriage and death records, also birth records are made in double copy.

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One copy remains at the Commune, or Ufficio di Stato Civile, and the other copy is sent to the Procura della Repubblica Country Court at province level. There is deposited in the chancellery of the competent court of the province, which is NOT open for public consultation. From that point on, the records are separately maintained.

find birth certificate from italy Find birth certificate from italy
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find birth certificate from italy Find birth certificate from italy
find birth certificate from italy Find birth certificate from italy
find birth certificate from italy Find birth certificate from italy
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find birth certificate from italy Find birth certificate from italy

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