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If the proportion of people in this age group declines, so too will the marriage rate.

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In , 9. Another factor is the trend toward postponement of marriage. This percentage has consistently decreased. In , only 7.

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The percentage of women 20 to 24 getting married between and also dropped, but only by 5. However, the percentage of women aged 25 to 29 increased from 9. The figures for men followed the same trend. The difference being that for men the dramatic decrease was for ages 20 to 24, and the dramatic increase was for ages 30 to This trend further indicates a major change in social behavior.

According to recent research, many young adults are opting to cohabitate prior to, or rather than, getting married. This is a trend that has continually risen in recent years. As more adults choose to begin their relationships with cohabitation, the marriage rates are likely to continue to drop. This trend has been documented by numerous demographers in recent years.

According to a study published in Despite this delay in marriage, young people continue to set up households with the opposite sex.

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In fact, most of the decline in proportions married by age 25 in the past few decades is offset by entry into cohabitation. Today, there are more than 4 million cohabiting couples in the United States, which is about 8 times the number of couples cohabitating in In , females continued to get married at an earlier age than males, with an average age difference of 2. Although the number of males 82, and females 88, getting married between the ages of 20 and 29 was approximately equal, a gender difference in younger members of the cohort all people married in a given time period was even more clearly shown.

The statewide index does not replace the indexes required in each county. The marriage files are quite large ranging between , to , records. Many programs, i.

Please make sure the software you use to view these records is capable of loading large numbers of records. Please visit the Marriage Verification webpage if you would like Vital Statistics Unit to conduct a search for a information on a particular marriage license application.

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Marriage License Application Indexes before are not available due to the fact that Marriage Applications were not filed with the State offices until For questions or problems click HERE. Skip to content 3. If there is a completed finding aid for the office, the link occurs at the office name. Many offices do not have finding aids. A complete list of county offices and departments with records in the Harris County Archives here.

Please contact the archivists with questions about the records. Please note the collection is partially indexed, so use the browse function to view the records.

New Jersey Death Index, 1904-2017

Community Development CR County Records The finding aids are arranged in alphabetical order by office of creation. Tax Collector - For a complete listing of all hard copy tax records in the archives. Records on Microfilm — - The over 12, rolls of film include the following series: Block Books and Maps, — , Delinquent Tax Returns — , Tax Rolls and Inventories — includes real and personal property, minerals, banks, railroads, mobile homes. Please contact the archives for specific information. Minutes, financial and legal records, correspondence and printed materials located in nine bound volumes document the activities and functions of the Board of Trustees of the Bayland Orphan Home from to The records were microfilmed in June and a copy placed at the Clayton Library, Houston, Texas, for public access.

It should be noted that a significant number of records have been lost and that all of the volumes may not have been accessible to the public until the present. Therefore, secondary sources concerning the history of the home should be treated accordingly. County Attorney CR44 Addicks-Fairbanks Road Sand Company Case Files Legal documents, pollution control inspection documents, correspondence, notes, and photographs document the numerous environmental and health violations committed by the Addicks-Fairbanks Road Sand Company and the litigation that followed. Allwaste Case Files Pollution control inspection documents, correspondence, legal documents, printed materials, notes, and photographs — document the investigation of the Allwaste facility, the ensuing litigation and appeals, and the creation of an environmental conference for the tank cleaning industry.

Brio Superfund Site Case Files Correspondence, notes, an agenda, legal documents, reports, speeches, printed materials, photographs, and a VHS cassette tape to document the interest of the Harris County Attorney's Office in the Brio Superfund site and the related litigation. VHS Video tapes relating to this case are also available. Michael J.

Report of Divorce or Annulment Indexes

Grabowski Case Files Correspondence, legal documents, notes, and audio tapes from to document Michael J. Weibel Landfill Case Files Legal documents, correspondence, notes, printed materials, maps, and photographs document the investigation of the Weibel landfill, the ensuing litigation, and the restoration of the site to a wetlands area. VHS video tapes relating to this case are also available.

online divorce indexes 1980 1984 texas Online divorce indexes 1980 1984 texas
online divorce indexes 1980 1984 texas Online divorce indexes 1980 1984 texas
online divorce indexes 1980 1984 texas Online divorce indexes 1980 1984 texas
online divorce indexes 1980 1984 texas Online divorce indexes 1980 1984 texas
online divorce indexes 1980 1984 texas Online divorce indexes 1980 1984 texas

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