Ge console vintage record player

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General Electric Stereo Phonograph RCA - video dailymotion

Record Player Repair. About Us. The repair was done in a very timely fashion and the cost was reasonable and the machine is performing well. I couldn't have been more satisfied. Price was more than reasonable. Felt the shop was very patient in listening to my questions and wants.

Restoration was completed just as I envisioned or better. The vertical mounting is working out really well. It was the only option since all of our new electronics are designed to stack. Thanks for sharing your great work. It did turn out well. I have my original ca. Nice dark Walnut finish still looks good and the grilles are in great shape.

AM radio still works but nothing else.

General Electric Automatic Portable Record Player Demo

You have inspired me to get moving on a restoration. Restoring it would entail fixing all the original equipment so it works again. At least all the discreet component circuitry that USED to be in there could have been fixed, even though it was 40 years old! Hey Rodney. Thanks for your comment and for sharing your opinions about my work.

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I agree with your statements about restoration. I should probably change the title to Updating and Modernizing an Old Stereo Console so as not to offend those of you who actually do restoration work. I am not a restorer of antique electronics. What I wanted was a system that could play all forms of modern media with the ability to expand in the future. I think I have done a very good job at accomplishing my goals with this project. Its still 4ft long.

And just as you added legs to it, you could of added coasters to it to roll it about if that was an issue. I mean you could of just brought a new system with the rack or console for it. I can see why some people would have been motivated to restore the original; it pains me to see anything like that lost. Maybe some day when they are rarer, the novelty value of them will make those remaining worth restoring in all of their s glory.

Most of the consoles actually sounded much better than the tabletop equivalents they were selling in those days, mainly be cause the tall, wide, shallow speakers they often offered with the latter were mean to look impressive, but shaped all wrong. And, all that plastic with embossed wood grain can look a lot more impressive when polished up, though it will still sound hollow if you tap it. But I like this way you have made use of the box while upgrading both the external finish and the audio gear. And, even if that IC-based receiver reaches the end of its useful life and becomes un-repairable, another one can be dropped into the same space with minor modifications.

If the consoles of the s had been more amenable to modifications and upgrades, they might have been viable for longer.

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I did see a Magnavox console from the s in which all the components could be slid out and the space re-used; I believe the speakers were the only permanently installed parts. Great job, Robert. Can you tell us what you used to update the panels on either side of the doors? I am looking to Thanks! Thanks, Jeannine. The speakers are hidden behind grey speaker cloth that I purchased, along with a lot of the stereo equipment, from parts-express. Once I cut out holes for the speakers, I made wooden frames the same size as the panels and stretched the speaker cloth across.

The cloth and frames were then attached over the speakers. To hide the screws, I drilled from the inside of the console so the screw heads are actually inside the console. Beautiful project! What was the process of removing the old bottom border?

Vintage Mid Century Modern GE Console Stereo Record Player With Radio & Bluetooth 1967

Thanks, Courtney. I actually discovered that the whole thing was pretty easy to take apart. Almost all of the pieces were held together by screws from the inside. So, I took off the back panel and crawled inside. Once there, I could disassemble most of the boards with a Phillips screwdriver. Only a couple of the boards were glued as well as screwed. All of these were attached to the top.

I assume they were glued to give extra strength when lifting the unit. All of those big frequencies would certainly resonate all through the cabinet and into the turntable. Nice work, though. I had the same worry when I was trying to figure out how to fit everything into the cabinet. The sound quality is great. Thanks for reading, Brett.

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I hope your stereo turns out awesomely! Was wondering what brand of subwoofer you used?

Restoration of a 1965 Sylvania SC773C Stereo Console

I actually bought an 8 inch subwoofer from parts-express, along with a watt plate amplifier. I built the box to the recommended specs for the sub and attached the plate amp directly to the box. Looks like a serious labor of love.

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