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This plan also gives you a free credit report. To start using Intelius premier, you simply input the name of the person you are searching for in order to receive a populated list of possible names, ages and geographic locations.

Just what is Intelius exactly?

The site also enables you to perform a reverse phone number search. Once you receive your initial search results, you can select the most likely person you are searching for from the list. Intelius then prompts you to pay either a one-time fee to learn more or to set up a monthly subscription. The Intelius interface is straightforward and easy to use. Different information categories are clearly marked, and any reports you generate are saved on the site for future reference.

You may also chose to have reports delivered to you in PDF.

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  • Intelius Public Records Search.
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The only real difficulty with using Intelius is that, while there are many pieces of information offered on the site for your searched person, anything that is not specified in your original report is going to cost extra. So, you might spend a lot of time clicking on report links that lead you to further payment pages. As a result, the information provided by Intelius is far more likely to be correct and complete than that of other services. When searching on the name of someone I know fairly well, I received some email address information on this person that was outdated.

One of the more current email addresses was missing. When I used the Premier Plus plan to search on another person who had moved into a new house roughly two years ago, Intelius could not find this new address and continued listing only the old one, although for the majority of people it was accurate. On a positive note, Intelius provided me with several contact email addresses that I had not been aware of in the past. I discovered that these emails were accurate and they did reach my intended contacts.

Just what is Intelius exactly?

Intelius also offers a free search site www. On the negative end, Intelius kept nudging me to purchase its many add-on services or full subscriptions at almost every step of my people searching. While I understand that every business must engage in some measure of upselling and cross-selling, this constant marketing did get annoying at times.

Intelius is not a cheap people search service. As stated before, you will be paying frequently for any additional information that you request.

Intellius : Search for People, Background Checks, & Lookup Phone Numbers | Intelius

The Premier Plan will also provide you with a voucher for one free Background Report each month. That background report can be quite useful to you if you are a landlord who must periodically screen renters, for example, or a person who is going out on dates. My hesitation with using Intelius is that, in many cases, the information that it provides can be obtained for free. For example, a free credit report can be obtained once a year from each one of the three major credit reporting agencies Experian, TransUnion or Equifax.

Obituaries, sex offender records, and marriage decrees are often provided via online newspapers or police case files. In many cases, you may already have the name, age, addresses, etc.

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  3. People Finder Overview.
  4. Email Lookup — The Email Lookup service is a form of a reverse search tool. Other information such as address and phone number will be included, when available. The data and information may include such things as criminal records, lawsuits, liens, property records, address history, bankruptcies, marriage records, divorce records, and more. To run a background check, gather as much information about the subject as possible. Then, visit the search form. Then, click submit. The proprietary database will search through billions of records and return the results.

    Review the results and proceed as desired. Check the web for a coupon code to potentially get a discount of this price. The information includes for each offense may include the type of offense committed, the date it was committed. Also, it may include the name of the court, the case number, and the outcome of the charge e. The search is available on a nationwide basis and by individual state.

    Public Records — The Intelius Public Records option will search for phone numbers, address history, age, date of birth, marriage, divorce and death records, and more, depending on what is publicly available for the individual. This is a great option when you need someone to visit the courthouse for you. When results are found, they may include: a description of the criminal offense, the date of the offense, filing date, case number along with any notes, sentencing details, and the disposition date of the case.

    This particular request requires that you enter more information than the other lookups. Required information includes name, city, state, county, and case number. And since you know that an actual person will be doing the work, we consider this to be one of the more legit services they provide. Reverse Phone Lookup — This search tool works for published numbers, non-published numbers unlisted.

    Intelius Search

    It covers both landline and cell phone numbers. To run a search, just go to the search form, enter the phone number and click the Search button. The search will pull all of the information associated with that particular number. Depending on what is available, the results will provide the type of phone, carrier e. With this option, you can conduct an unlimited number of people searches in a hour period. Additional costs are involved if you want to order other reports, such as background checks, criminal records, etc.

    Intelius Premier — The Premier option is a subscription model that allows you to run a search whenever you want. This is a great option if you need to run a lot of queries at random times, on an ongoing basis. Additionally, the Premier access option allows you to save profiles and notes. Before you make a purchase, do a quick Google search and review the results to see if you can find a coupon code or promo code.

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    The company often runs specials that provide discounts off of the already inexpensive pricing. Even though the prices are already affordable, a coupon code or promo code can save you even more money. A Google search reveals that reviews and ratings for the various products and services are mixed, ranging from bad to great. Following is a summary of reviews from around the web.

    Intelius intellius background check address
    Intelius intellius background check address
    Intelius intellius background check address
    Intelius intellius background check address
    Intelius intellius background check address
    Intelius intellius background check address
    Intelius intellius background check address

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